Lefkada Car – Scooter Rental | Tips & Tricks

 Lefkada Car – Scooter Rental | Tips & Tricks

Let’s find out which is the best choices in Lefkada Car Rental Scooter. Today we are analysis Prices & Costs for the rentals at Lefkada Island. However it is import to know what we are goin to need for the rental car or scooter. First of all considered as the Caribbean of Greece, Lefkada island. Lefkada can actually be accessed by car Source: https://www.pbgrentacar.gr/.  The beaches, on the western coast of Lefkada Greece.


Find out the best way to Discover Lefkada Car or Scooter rental ?

All about scooter rental.

First of all you need to have a driving license for motorbikes to rent a scooter bigger that 50cc. the maximum you can rent without driving license is 80cc. All the other types like 125cc is nessasery the license kategory A or also A1. furthermore the insurance incuded at the rental price if you reserve your scooter or motorbike from PBG Limitless with Free delivery in Lefkada island and Aktion Airport of Preveza.

Distance by Scooter at Lefkada Island.

A circle finally around Lefkada is 145km, but because in the High season takes almost 3 hours the traffic is a lot. From Lefkada city until to Porto Katsiki is 45km. From Nidri to Lefkada is 14km. the best places to stay is Lefkada town, Agios Nikitas, Nikiana and also Nidri because of the shallow beaches and also that you have everything you will need.

Scooter Rental Price / Cost

As a result, the price start from 10€ per day until to 25€ for big motorbikes. As soon as possible you do the reservation you can have until 30% Discount. PBG Limitless scooter rental service has excellent discount for early booking rental. For exaple if you need for 2 weeks to rent a scooter x 10€ per day the total is 140€ with PBG Limitless 30% Discount you will pay only 98€.  You save 42€ with that amount is the benzine for 2 weeks. That is a seriοus reason for why to booking early.

All about Car Rental in Lefkada / Parga / Aktion Airport / Preveza / Igoumenitsa

First of all, the car rental it is more safe & also reliable. Imagine that those destination are the top is W.Greece so, that means a lot of traffic. For sure you will feel even more safe with a car rental. PBG Limitless is 100% Secure – 100% cheaper that any car rental at this local areas.

Place of Delivery / Car Rental:

Car Rental Aktion Airport




Prices and Car Rental Cost / Year 2019  

Prices & Discount’s

Every year so many people send us many emails for Cheap Car Rental, and our answer is:
We always do a big discount if you reserve early, and for the reason that you do your reservation 3 or 6 months ago, a very big thank you from us is to give even more and probably more than any other rent a car in the area. So, not only you have 30% of price but also we give you free the Full Insurance, if your Rental car stolen or damaged. For the peace of the mind during the rental period! So, Don’t Worry! Put your seatbelts and you are ready to start your trip. Enjoy yours holidays at Lefkada!

Age limit’s

General you will need to know the minimum age for car rental are 28 year old until the maximum 70. Younger or older you will need extra coverage to cover the excees. For instance if you are 28 or 70 years old the insurance that included at the rental price they cover you at 100%. if you are out of those age limits then cover you 75% so, that means that the risk is bigger. However is simple to make the extra insurance & you are covered!

Car Rental Guarantees.

 Why the rental companies need a deposit ?. Lefkada Car Rental Scooter

Is it so, easy to undrestand why! Because the are afraid. When you are coming for your holidays it is the first time that you are goin to drive in a place that you don’t knowning, traffic tickets is the main reason for the deposit. However they are also people that violate the rental terms sush us driving in the bad roads and eating food at the car. as a result everything counting on the mutual respect. Read our Page about the amount of Guarantees.

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