Car Rental Details

  • (B) Sym Symphony 80cc

    (B) Rent this type with your B category driving lisence
  • Rental Scooter Details: 2 Persons, 80cc, automatic scooters
  • Includes: 24% VAT, Third Party Insurance,Theft protection,Liability insurance,Full insurance.
  • Fuel Policy : Full to Full

Early booking Special Offers (From 2 till 12 months before your arrival): Save 9.90€ every day from the rental & also we offer you the full insurance without extra cost. All included in one package!

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Additional Services, Add everything you will need for your rental, -50% online booking & we will arrange it for your!

PBG Limitless Scooter hire Lefkada | PBG Limitless

**You can rent this type of scooter with your Car Driving Lisence

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  •  April                    13€                      -30%
  •  May                     14€                    -30%
  •  June                    15€                     -30%
  •  July                     22€                      18€
  •  August                24€                      18€
  •  September          17€                      -30%
  •   October               13€                     -30%