What i need for renting a car at Preveza Airport/Lefkada

What I Need to know before I book my Rental Car at Preveza Airport

Many people wonder, How easy is Renting a car at Preveza Airport?. At PBG Limitless, we answer, that now is much easier than ever. Also cheap if you use, our early booking offers. The discount up to 40% comparing the last moment cost at Preveza Airport. This can be one more reason, why you should book early. But, in this article, we will discover, how the rental is easier with PBG Limitless rental car/scooter services.

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How old I can rent a car at Preveza Airport?. 

  • The minimum age is 28 years old, holder of at least 3 years of driving license. Maximum 65 years old. First of all, between that ages, we ensure them with the best of the best insurances coverages of 0€ excess = 100% Full Insurance.

What is the minimum rental period and why does a limit exist?

  • The Minimum Rental is 7 days, because at that period we ensure the lowest prices plus 100% full insurance. So, before you think that is not possible to rent a car/scooter for less days. We inform you that of course is possible. Even for 1 day.

How much time before I arrive i should reserve a car/scooter?

  •  As sooner as possible lowest costs, be from the first if possible. Our early booking includes discounts and full insurance that sure are not cheap when is not included anymore. We manage a fleet of 184 cars plus scooters. The travelers that reserved early have the benefits not just to pay less, but taking free of charge the 0€ excess, which usually costs from 14 to 28€/day. Consider a saving of almost 200€ only from that. 

How long do I need to wait at the Airport to pick up my rental car/scooter

If you really want to avoid chaos like this on your trip, consider that PBG Limitless offers one agent who waits with your name at the arrivals hall and drives him direct to the car parking from the pickup & also the dropping off. Just avoid an hour of waiting or a bit less if you got lucky.

  • Fuel policy. Is natural if you wanted if your rental car is full or half. How the fuel policies are working and what to do at the return of the car?. The most popular is “drop off with the same level of fuel you had taken, Or Full to Full. 

How I will rent the correct type of car at Preveza Airport?

First of all, discover all the types of rental cars offered from Preveza Airport, but also from Lefkada with PBG Limitless. We offer more than 18 types of rental cars. Here is the list of what side is needed if you are visiting locations around Preveza, Lefkada, or Parga. For example, if you are staying at Lefkada is more convenient a B) Fiat Panda than A Cheap Rentals. Because Lefkada is 60% mountain road and sure you would like to have a stronger car that easily can take you everywhere in a comfortable way. 

What is the type of A) Cheap Rentals ? and What do car types include?

  • The A category is a mini rental car good enough for 2 adults & 2 children, and can easily carry 2 middle size suitcases. The middle age is from 5 to 8 years old, great reliable but also a cheap choice for renting a car at Preveza Airport. For the people that just need a simple and economical car is a perfect choice, without the need to pay more. Is one of the top sale rental cars. 
  • Secondly choice. Category B) includes new cars, size is a middle, economical choice with A/C, can carry 2 luggage, is a nice solution for 2 + 2 kids. The year is from 1-year old till 4 years old. 
  • We are continuing with the third, for people that want a comfortable car. Category B1 it will take you around the Preveza Airport locations, easy, and economical and is a great choice for 2 adults + 2 teenagers and can carry 4 middle-size suitcases. 

What documents do I need for renting a car at Preveza Airport?

  1. A valid driving license for all European citizens. Or International for all the other countries don’t belong at E.E
  2. Your Idetiny or Passport
  3. Cash and a valid Debit or Credit Card.

That is all, the easiest rental with PBG Limitless can be done directly from the airport terminal.

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