Terms and Conditions

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 Rental period 

  • The minimum rental period is 1 day (24h) with no acceptable length delay, without e-mail confirmation from PBG Limitless Car & Van Rental Company.

Driver’s Age’s

  • Car & Vans – Drivers must be a minimum from 28 till the maximum 65 years old.
  • Scooters – Drivers must be a minimum from 24 till the maximum 60 years old.

Driver’s License

  • Drivers must have held a valid license for at least (3) years.
    National Driving Licenses issued in the EU, UK, Switzerland, Australia, and Israel,  are accepted. An International Driving License is required in all other countries not belong to European Union.

Traffic Violations, Traffic fines, and Administrative Sanctions

Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of Greek Traffic laws during the rental period are solely the renter’s responsibility.
If any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be charged to the renter.


Unlimited mileage is included in our rates in the areas of car stations, you will need to request and have written confirmation of PBG Limitless for driving to other regions of Greece (Extra Charge if we extend our service areas). Is free to drive around the Regions Preveza, Igoumenitsa, Parga, Aktion, Palairos, and Lefkada between those areas is valid for the unlimited km.

Taxes are All Included

  • V.A.T (Value Added Tax) 24% is included in our rates. In all our services from our online shop. No hidden or extra fees are asked to pay. 

Additional Drivers

  • One (1) additional driver. Maximum (2) drivers including the main driver are allowed per rental.

Roadside Assistance – Areas covered by our Insurance

  • Roadside Assistance & Insurance policies we are offering are free of charge and available 24h /7days of a week. Our Roadside assistance is available only for the “Locations of our services Preveza, Parga, Lefkada, Igoumenitsa, and Palairos”, the phone is 0030 6987147566 when calling from International mobile phones.
    All the other Locations of Greece, considering that are not covered by any insurance all violations etc from driving out of the “Locations of our services, it will be paid by the renter with no limits amounts. 

Car replacement in 24h

case of the unfortunate event of an accident/breakdown resulting in the immobilization of the vehicle, your car will be replaced with another one within 24 hours from the time the accident/breakdown has been reported. Money Refund of the day it will not be done from the moment your car breakdown or involve in an accident. Our company has the right to investigate the causes of the accident/breakdown and deny the replacement of the car if the use of the car was against terms & conditions. No money will be refunded for any case for the missing day, since the moment that happens on renter rental duration regardless of the fault.

Return policy: 

  • Return the car in good condition and generally clean. If the Car is returned not clean there is ‘Cleaning Service of 15€ for small cars, 18€ for medium, and 28€ for Van 7/9 passengers. However, the amount it will charge at the pick-up location and it will be refunded at the end of the rental period, with the security deposit.

Additional charges

  • Our employees are always informed of your arrival time, including last-minute flight schedule changes that may occur. They will wait for your arrival in order to deliver you the booked vehicle. However, is the case that the booking is later than 21.00 has an additional cost of 38€ the same additional cost is if the pick-up or drop off is earlier than 09.00 in the morning

Fuel Policy 

Option 1: Return as Collected
The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of petrol as delivered.
Vehicles delivered during the night (out of office hours) are required to have at least half a tank of petrol.
In addition, our representative will be willing to guide you to the nearest petrol station.
Option 2: Collect Full & Return Empty
The client has to pay locally for the initial tank of fuel. The car should then be returned with the tank as empty as possible since there is no refund for unused fuel.

Key Loss

  • The customer is liable for all costs to replace keys that have been lost or damaged and the cost of retrieval of keys that have been locked inside a vehicle. (The keys of the car are not covered from any insurance coverage we offer as like 0€ excess etc services)

Delivery & Collection of vehicles

  • We can deliver/collect vehicles from all supported locations in our booking engine, including airports, ports, and selected hotels. For places not included in our booking engine, you may contact us in advance.
    After-hours deliveries (21:00 – 08:30) are subject to a €38 charge payable on arrival. Returning the vehicle after-hours is free of charge.

One Way Rentals

  • All cars are available for one-way rentals, provided that such arrangement is made at the commencement of the rental and confirmed on the rental agreement.

Rental Extension

  • If you have already picked up your vehicle and wish to keep it longer, you must contact our company and check if the car is available. We have the right to deny the extension of the rental if the car is already booked. If the extension is possible, there is a Grace Period of one (1) hour (i.e first-hour delay in return is not charged) provided that our company is notified and has given permission. The next 3 hours are charged at €10 per hour. Please note that a customer is not allowed to bring the car later than the agreed return time without having taken permission (having extended the rental) from our company since there is not any insurance coverage after the return time of the car.

Accident cases

  • In case of an accident, the renter must contact our company immediately via our 24/7 helpline in order to receive instructions on how to handle the situation. You are not allowed to leave the incident place without reporting the accident. If you cannot contact our company, you should contact the police directly. If the renter fails to provide the report to our company then he is obliged to pay for repair costs of any damage caused to the rental vehicle. If the driver or one of the passengers is injured you should also inform the police/ambulance. If by any chance the other involved party leaves the accident place, take a photo or write down the plate number. We will also call our insurance partner for an accident report. It is prohibited to drive under the alcohol influence and disobey traffic rules.

Use of Car

All insurance coverings & waivers are valid provided that the renter has complied with all terms & conditions. The renter is obliged to pay for repair costs of any damage caused to the rental vehicle if the use of the car is not proper, as below:

The vehicle is operated on any unauthorized road, non-asphalt road, dirt road or off-road (eg. Agiofili beach etc). The renter violates traffic rules (eg. road/STOP signs, speed limits, road direction, U-turns). The renter violates parking rules. The renter ignores any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle. The vehicle is operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest or the vehicle is used for the purpose of reward (taxi or courier service). The vehicle is driven by any person disqualified from holding or has never held a driver’s license appropriate for that vehicle or is not a registered driver in the rental agreement. The driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects his ability to drive the vehicle. The vehicle is operated outside of the hire or any agreed extension of that term. The vehicle is willfully or recklessly damaged by the renter (note: burning out a clutch, sitting/standing on the bonnet/boot/roof of the vehicle, damages to the vehicle interior).


  • We suggest Paying in cash. All the cards are acceptable you can pay with Visa, Master Card, by cash, or bank transfer.  To complete a booking is required a confirmation deposit of 30% of the total amount. Regardless of payment a Credit card or Debit card (Visa, Mastercard.) is required for guarantee. PBG Limitless Rent a Car will pre-authorize the liability amount until the end of the rental period. However, the costs do not include the banks’ fees. If you pay by card upon arrival you will need to pay the fees of the banks are usually 4% to 6% for American Express.

Cancellation Policy and Cancel Fee 7 days before the pickup

You can ADD “Cancellation” 7 days before the pickup! We ensure you that if you need to cancel your reservation you will not pay the remaining amount. You can also free, change the dates of your rental, according to the availability and in agreement with our reservation department. The Deposits are not refundable, because are a confirmation from you, which makes a car unavailable for other people.

Security Deposit (Money Warranties)

  • Security Deposit (Money Warranties) The Security deposit is a money warranty, its car category has a different deposit, that departed on the value of the rental car. That Warranties paid upon the pickup & refunded fully back at the end of the rental period base that it will be everything as we have agreed.

How many days do I need to wait to get my security deposit in my bank account again?

  • The same day that the car returns to the station we immediately refund the security deposit, as sooner as best. Usually, the process takes a few days (from 3 to 7 working days). That depends on your bank when it will be able to accept the refund if there is exchange currency. The latest is the 7 working days in any case.


  • a) The cars are not allowed to be used for: Driving outside of the “Locations of our Services”, Parga, Igoumenitsa, Lefkada & Preveza Regios borders, driving off-road, carrying heavy objects, or for bad use in general. We keep the right to cancel the duration of the rental if any of these terms are violated. Vehicles returned in bad condition and with extremely dirty interiors (e.g food stains, coffee, etc.) will be charged for special cleaning, strictly forbidding driving out of asphalt roads.
  • b) Driving out of “Locations of our services: Regions Preveza, Lefkada, Parga, Igoumenitsa, Palairos regions are not allowed & no insurance is offered in order to cover.
  • c) Pets are strictly forbidden. The reason is that 90% of our customers are families with small children. The pets that we love, carry bacteria, so it is strictly forbidden to take them with you in the cars of PBG Limitless, in case you take them with you from omission will be charged for biochemical cleaning of the car from 120 € to 150 € and for Minibuses up to 300 €.

What is covered?

  • Insurance policies are written under the pictures of the car at the online shop. Some of the services are included for free, and some of them are premiums with additional costs. We recommend booking with 0€ excess to avoid disappointments.

What is covered from the 0€ excess ?.

  • Theft Insurance if the car was stolen and it was Lock. (Violation) Yes 100%
  • Large or Small Scratches. Yes 100%
  • Battery. Yes 100%
  • Break or Dent at bumpers, bonnet doors, body panels, and roof. Yes 100%
  • Front and rear windshield. Yes 100%
  • Side windows. Yes 100%
  • Headlights & rear lights Yes 100%
  • Tires Yes 75% From use if asphalt road (damage happens from off-road or Bad use is clear not cover.)
  • Outside Mirrors. (ONLY THE 75% the rest amount is the renter’s responsibility).
  • interior (ONLY THE 50% the rest amount is the renter’s responsibility).
  • Note: Damage caused by intent or negligence is an exception it is clearly not covered by the CDW or SCDW. Also, the dirty return of the rental car if the use on of road driving (out of asphalt roads), the not properly use of the rental car makes the renter responsible for any damage, accident and the full loss. Any insurance will cover you if you use it properly and correctly rental car without violating the traffic laws. car/scooter crashes Administration Fee: is the security deposit.

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Car Rental without Credit Card.

You can rent a car without a credit card under the condition you will pay the security deposit with a debit or another card and we accept rentals without credit cards, only for categories A, and A1. B, E,  in the case you will reserve another car category the security payment is double if you do not have a credit card. Cash is not accepted. Also, you can send a request about your rental and you can get e-mail confirmation if you would like to rent another car category beyond A, A1. B, E,

Looking for the most inclusive insurance package? We surely got it…

Your rental is protected with our 0€ Insurance! In the event of damage or theft to the car, you are not required to pay any excess as long as the use of the car is according to terms & conditions. At rental pick-up, no credit card is required and you will not be asked to pay extra for additional insurance. (*Is better to book the 0€ excess on the reservation form with 50% less cost, there is no price warranty if you book last moment, insurance companies can change the costs.)

CDW – Collision damage waiver with ZERO EXCESS The renter is insured for the rental vehicle damaged by accident with no obligation to pay any excess.

FDW Full collision damage waiver with ZERO EXCESS The renters is insured for damages caused to the underside of the vehicle, glass, tires, and engine with no obligation to pay any excess. It may also be referred to as Super Collision damage waiver (SCDW) or Full collision damage waiver (FCDW) or Wheels under side and glass insurance (WUG).

Note: The 0€ excess insurance will not protect you from negligence.


Rental agreement

  • Upon receipt of the vehicle, a rental agreement is signed and contains the above terms and conditions. Thank you for reading, accepting, and agreeing with the general information, Now you can complete your reservation and at the pick-up location, you will receive a copy with all the details, terms and conditions, road assistance, and useful information for your trip!  We wish you a safe trip to our beautiful country !!!

We ensure a quality rental without problems. We work hard to deliver high value to our customers. The PBG Limitless has high standards and high-value customers. This makes it one of the top in the market for car rental. Its car rental category has different benefits. For this reason as hosts, thank you and we appreciate the time you are spending reading our terms and conditions, you can count on our full support. We wish you a very beautiful trip to our beautiful country!