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We ensure a quality rental without problems. We work hard to deliver high value to our customers. The PBG Limitless It has high standards and high value customers. This makes one of the top at the market of car rental. Its car rental category has different benefits. For this reason as hosts, thank you and we appreciate the time you are spent to read our terms and conditions, you can count on our full support. We wish you a very beautiful trip to our beautiful country!

All the insurance coverage we provide under the conditions that the European – Greek Traffic Law it will not violate.

1) Rental period 

Minimum rental period is 1 day (24h) with acceptable length delay of 30 Minutes. Any further delay has additional cost.

2) Driver’s age and driving license

Minimum age 28 years and maximum 70 years for all car groups. Driving license must be issued at least 1 year before rental start. Driver must hold a valid European (for EU countries) or International (for countries that don’t belong to EU) driving license.

3) Additional driver

In a car rental only the driver is covered by all above insurances. If other drivers are going to drive the rented vehicle they must be declared in the lease contract at the start of the rental period. Required documents are identity card or passport and a valid driving license.

4) Vehicle delivery and collection PBG Limitless Rent a car (Station in Greece)

Delivery and collection to this locations are free: Aktion Airport Preveza(PVK), Ioannina Airport(IOA), Kefalonia island (EFL) , Lefkada City, Lefkada – Nikiana, Preveza City, Igoumenitsa port(IGO), Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia(SKG),Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos(ATH), All the others cities in Greece on request.

5) Insurance & Liability amount of PBG Limitless Rent a car

It covers third-party insurance deaths and personal injuries, including PBG Limitless rent a car vehicle (excluding PBG Limitless car driver) up to € 1,000,000 and third party damage to the amount of € 1,000,000.

What does cover?
Total or partial theft of the car.
Theft of personal items that are located on or inside the PBG Limitless vehicle.
Death or bodily injury of the PBG Limitless vehicle driver.
Damage to the PBG Limitless vehicle. Cost Included in the price.

6) When you book your rental car from the online reservation system.

Αfter you find your car in your needs, is necessary to choice what insurance you will have during the rental. Is the Additional services under the cars pictures. The company it will understand that you will do it in the pick up location or you will pay the deposit excess as it is miniμum 900€ maximum 2200€.

Don’t leave it in Luck, secure your trip by the total covers, from example the insurance cost around to 70€ or 80€ for the week. A scratch to the door cost minimum 150€ if need to paint again. So, Think before you book without insurance.

When you pick up your rental car at the station,

This is the total cover (SDCW Super Damage Coverage Insurance) Get it and be relaxing!!!













What the Super Damage Coverage insurance SCDW & what covers?

  1. Theft Insurance if the car stolen and it was Lock. (Violation) Yes 100%
  2. Large or Small Scratches. Yes 100%
  3. Battery. Yes 100%
  4. Break or Dent at bumpers,bonet doors, body panels,roof. Yes 100%
  5. Front and rear windshield. Yes 100%
  6. Side windows. Yes 100%
  7. Headlights & rear lights Yes 100%
  8. Tires Yes 75% From use if asfalt road (damage happens from off road or Bad use is clear not cover.)
  9. Outside Mirrors. (ONLY THE 75% the rest amount is renter’s responsibility).
  10. interior (ONLY THE 50% the rest amount is renter’s responsibility).

Note: Damage caused by intent or negligence is exception it is clear not cover by SDCW. Also the dirty return of the rental car if the use on of road driving (out of asphalt roads)

*Here is all the details you need, Easy and quickly booking online, You will receive all the details, automatically from our reservation system! Directly! It’s easy: choose ‘Book with Total Cover’ and we’ll arrange it all for you!

*The day at pick up the car !

*At pick up the car, you will take photographs if there are scratched or damaged! The rental car it will be checking it with the present of the renter, and at the checking it will writing all the damages at the rental agreement & photos by the customer! Clear & Fair rental on PBG limitless! that way you will know better!


 *The main driver will leave-pay a security deposit or not  it depends from the insurance you have made before or after the booking.  Please read the important information in it’s product car is under the pictures of the rental car.

Υou can count on our full support,

but don’t leave it in luck. For example the total cover cost 35€ till 80€ weekly Don’t leave it in Luck, secure your trip by the total covers, from example the insurance cost around to 35€ till 80€ for the week. A scratch to the door cost minimum 150€ if need to paint again & repair.

Secure your self and be free and relaxing to rest in your holiday!!!

If something goes wrong,first make sure that everyone is safe, take your time,give us a call.

Friendly, helpful, professional…

24h road assistance|24h phone support|We are 24h here for you – A support team on the road, working with our fleet support department, is ready to help you anytime.

7) Limitations

The cars are not allowed to be used for: Driving outside the Greek borders, driving off-road, carrying heavy objects or bad use in general. Vehicles returned in bad condition and with extremely dirty interior (e.g food stains, coffee, etc.) will be charged for special cleaning.

All the rent a car stays at the local area of the station, for example if you have book a car from Preveza Airport and you want to go to Athens or Peloponnesus or Kefalonia you will need to inform the company.

8) Delays & costs

  • In case you will be delayed to pick up the rental car over 1 hour from the time of pick up on the reservation, there will be an extra cost of 18€.
  • if a flight or Ship arrival delay more than 1 hour there is extra cost 18€ every hour of delay that our offices must to stay more.
  • Return delay of the rental car more that the time in the reservation and without notice our company to confirm written that is possible to do it, It will be charged as one more day.
  • All cars they should be returned with the same quantity of fuel in the tank as on delivery. If the car is returned with less fuel, there is a charge the cost of the missing fuel. Fuel left in the tank is not refundable.

Extra Services

GPS navigator ,baby seats, extra coverage,extra driver,Deliveries, e.t.c

9) Cancellation Policy

  • Free You can free changes the days of your reservation, or to change the reservation to another name in agreement with the terms and condition without any extra fee.
  • The cancellation fee if you have do reservation from the date of reservation we are charged with the following costs:  Till 10 days, the cancellation fee is the deposit you have pay to reserve the car the 30%, from 11 days to 6 months the cancellation fee is total the amount of the reservation.
  • What is the cancellation fee ? (is all that expenses we have we have been charged, to receive and return you payment, and also thes days of the rental that we have loss from your reservation, Working Hours from Paperwork). Please note that we are unable to give a refund if you return the vehicle early.

10) PBG Limitless 

| What is not cover? and the amount of renter’s responsibility (Excess)

Damage caused by intent or negligence. If you lost the car keys, Damage caused by misrinuse of fuel. Damages  resulting from breach of the terms of the contract. PBG Limitless car was on board (Ships trans). Any cover your rental car has will only work if you stick to the rules of the rental agreement. The amount of responsibility includes repair, storage and loss of car use. If and when PBG Limitless is compensated for the damage, then it will return the corresponding amount to the renter. if the Greek Traffic Code has not been violated.and only for accident that recording by the Traffic Police report.

If the bodywork gets damaged while you were illegally parked, speeding or drink-driving, for example, your Collision Damage Waiver won’t protect you, and you will be liable for the whole amount.

Note: The amounts of responsibility is the amount you will pay if something goes wrone in the rental period regardless of the renter fault,When and if PBG Limitless Rent a car  is compensated  for the damage or theft or damage of its car, then it will return the corresponding amount to the tenant

11) Traffic violations

The renter assumes full responsibility for traffic violations and pays the respective fines. In case that the renter will not pay the fine, PBG Limitless Rent A Car will charge the fine cost plus administrative expenses.

12) Administrative expenses

In case of an accident, there is a non-refundable fee of 92.00€ in order to cover the administrative expenses. that fee is regardless of renters fault.

14) Car rental guarantee 

In order to rent a car a Credit card is always required (Visa, Master Card, Amex). PBG Limitless Rent a Car will charge the responsibility amount until the end of the rental period. Without Credit or Debit Card no reservation it will be accepted.

15) Car Rental without Credit Card.

You can rent a car without a credit under the conditions you will pay a deposit from 100€ till 400€ it will depends for the rental category big cars – mini – or Minibus.

16) Payments

The rent can be paid in always in cash, Payment with Cards you will need to pay the bank cost of 3%. by credit card or debit card (Visa, Master Card, by cash, bank transfer at least  hours before the start of the rental period. To complete a booking a deposit is required equal to 30% of total rental rate.
Regardless of payment a Credit card or Debit card (Visa, Mastercard.) is required for guarantee. PBG Limitless Rent a Car will pre-authorize the liability amount until the end of the rental period.

Image result for visa mastercard

17) Rental agreement

During receipt of the vehicle a rental agreement is signed and contains the above terms and conditions. In the case that you don’t agree with our terms and conditions there is no reason to proced on reservation.

18) How you have to return the car when you finish the rental period

  1. General clean in good condition & With Same level of fuel like you have take it. if some of this is not correct for example a very dirty car, clear the company it will charge it with the minimum of 32€. Please consider that the most of the customers are families with kinds do to respect for all the customers if a car needs a special cleaning it will charge minimum 32€ maximum 120€ biologic cleaning.
  2.  We are secure a rental without problems, based on our full support and in mutual respect


Thank you for the reading our terms * conditions, We wish you a safe trip to our beautiful country !!!