Rental in Preveza Airport Car Scooter services

Rental in Preveza Airport services for Car scooter

Book a cheap Rental in Preveza Airport“. At PBG Limitless a service that operate since 2007, it’s much easy to rent a car or scooter direct from the Airport “Aktion”. As well we deliver a car rental and scooter rental at Lefkada and Preveza, Nidri and, Ligia. But also in Agios Nikitas or Lefkada city. We offer the best rates for the rent of your preference. Explore all the areas nearby Preveza with a cheap and reliable car rentscooter service.

  • First of all, let’s compare all the options for rent scooter in Preveza Airport.
Scooter Rental in Preveza Airport
Scooter Rental Preveza Airport
  1. The cheapest choice as usually at the Greek island is the visitor to hire scooter. Because are cheaper and mostly economy to travel. For example, if your stay in Lefkada and you need a scooter rental in Preveza Airport get it from PBG. You will pay much less than any and, if you book early you will save more than 30%. Average costs from scooter as 50cc and 80cc from €7.9 το 14.99. So, weekly Rent it will cost you only 55EYR to move from Preveza to Lefkada.

Rent Car, Scooter Rental in Preveza Airport a cheap service for all the wallets

  1. Economy car service in Preveza Airport. However, a car rent in Preveza Airport can be also great cheap if you rent it at least a month before you are arriving at the airport. The airport it was always the best way to visit Preveza and Lefkada as well. Daily cost 29€ and weekly rent in Airport near Lefkada per day only 14.99EYR. That is 72% less cost at the airport rent car to all Greece. PBG Limitless at Lefkada Airport as also knowing can be a useful service for any rent. Our Airport Prices is the lowest rent in Preveza / Lefkada. So, we are serv at the airport more than 12.811 visitors of Lefkada.

     Rental in Preveza Airport
    7-Seater Rental Preveza Airport
  2. An automatic car will cost you 24EURO per day, as a result, it the cheapest car at the airport “Aktion”. Car or Scooter Rent gives you much more freedom. With a cheap rent car or scooter rent, you will not be losing time compering the Public transport.
  3. Rent cheap and pay much less at the Airport, from to reserve the last moment for un office in Aktion Airport.


About Aktion Airport and the km to nearby locations.

  • From Aktion Airport to Preveza is 10km and 15 driving minutes. with the scooter is less time.
  • Aktion Airport to Aktion marina is 3 km.
  • “Aktion to ti Nikiana is 40km and more than 45 minutes drive with a scooter or car.
  • Lefkas town to Aktion is 30minutes
  • If you rent a car from the Nikiana office one way to Aktion Airport cost only 25e.
  • If you take your rent car or scooter is possible due to Nidri taking the ferry with a request to our company.
  • Also from Aktion to drive Ligia is 34km.
  • Igoumenitsa from Aktion is 180 kilometers.
  • Thessaloniki from Aktion is 500 & Athens directly from Aktion 480.
  • It is a cheap way to use the Aktion for any route you want to go.

Where you will find us at Aktion Airport for car or scooter hire services

*A priority booking is required always.

Phone center: 0030 2645 071 063

Mobile phone: 0030 6987 147 566

email to pbglefkada@yahoo.gr

Official website is https://www.pbgrentacar.gr/

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