Refund and Returns Policy 

  1. Cancellation fee 

No refund it will be done for reservations with has been without the cancellation free. Regardless of the offer if is free, or with extra payment, or as discounts offer. You need to include the service of “Cancellation fee 48h before the pick up” and of course to inform us 48h before minimum.

     2. What is the cancellation fee and what it includes

The button service of “cancellation 48h before” gives you the right to not pay the full amount, but only a 30% of its customers that complete a reservation must pay a 30% as a confirmation amount that it will take the car as we have agreed. However, if the case you will need to cancel the reservation for any reason “except the Covid-19” the amount of 30% it will not refund for any case. But you will not pay also the rest amount of 70%.

    3. Check in – Check out the form is the rental agreement, Is it proof of everything we have agreed. 

When you receive the service of the rental car, van, scooter, ATV, etc. After your signature on the contract, which you already have read, understood, and accept, but also you have found everything to your liking, the rental agreement is completed with your signature. After that, no amount it will be refunded. 

   4. Extra charges if you violate the terms &conditions. 

The charge can be done from violations of the rental agreement, for damages, missing fuel, traffic violations, etc. We first inform you by phone of what you will be charged and then we charge to direct the card you have given and is written on the rental agreement. From this amount no refund it will do.

  5. Card of the renter as money guaranty

PBG Limitless does not offer services without a monetary guarantee from the renters. For this reason, it will hold your card details for any damages or violations that can happen during the rental period. By your signature to this rental agreement that contains Greek laws, you accept to compensate the company for any violations. This is the reason why you give your card to PBG Limitless. As every company on earth are renting cars.

  6. Settlement of charges that occurred on my card – Processing time

If a violation happens, PBG Limitless does not accept cash, not for payments, not for deposits, consider that PBG Limitless can not keep cash anyway. So, after your card it will be charged, the minimum time is 20 days and the maximum time is 6 months. However, all that it depends from the “case”

  7. Payments – Disputes 

From the moment you have read, understood, agreed, and accept that everything has been in your liking about the service you have received at the pickup location, PBG considers that the customers are satisfied. The payments will happen it depended clear from you. However, in any case, no amount it will refund if ” Any dispute asked/requested after the end of the date stated in the contract. So, if the change happens, if you did not agree with something, you will need to inform us, official, with an email to pbglefkada@yahoo.gr.