Car Rental Details

  • (B) 80cc economy

    (B) Rent this type with your B category driving lisence
  • Rental Scooter Details: 2 Persons 175kg, 80cc, automatic scooters, Minimum age 28 years old. With your Car B) Driving License you can rent it.
  • Includes: 24% VAT, Third Party Insurance,Theft protection,Liability insurance,Full insurance.
  • Fuel Policy : Full to Full

Early booking Special Offers (From 2 till 12 months before your arrival): Save 9.90€ every day from the rental & also we offer you the full insurance without extra cost. All included in one package!

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Additional Services, Add everything you will need for your rental, -50% online booking & we will arrange it for your!

Where can you find scooter rental preveza airport ?.

“Scooter Rental Preveza Airport”. Get the best with PBG Limitless scooter rental at Preveza Airport, Lefkada. If your plans is, to come this summer in Lefkada due to Preveza Airport. And you need to rent a scooter , find PBG. We rent new scooters 2021, at a low cost for you. Also is 30% cheaper than any. Rates from 5.99€ till 18€/day make us the cheaper place you can easily rent. The best way is to book early, because you will save more. So, don’t wait too much, here are you 100% covered!

What you should know ?. First of all, is no need for moto driving lisence. You can have it with your car as well. How old must be for 80cc motorbike ?. At least 21 years old. Can i pick up direct from my hotel ?. Of course you can pick up from any place you would like. It is cheaper if i book early ?. Yes the 62% of early bookings has 30% Less to Pay. So, if you would like to pay 30% Less, Book as soon as possible. Can i cancel my reservation ?. till 48h from the pick up.

Where in Lefkada or Preveza airport can i rent scooter for 2 Person ?.

When you are come in Lefkada or Preveza airport and you need to rent a scooter, Find PBG Limitless. Who can offers you free delivery, 30% Less Pay, No credit card needs, ans has more benefits than any. Economy good price for all. We rent 80cc and also 125cc perfect for 2. However, it is the best if you will arrange early and not last moment. Once the cheap offers gone, it will gone’s. Can i hire for one day ?. Yes you can. but if you take it for a week or more is cheaper. F A C E B O K P A G E