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    Rent a Car in Lefkada / Aktion Airport | PBG Limitless
  • Car Rental Details: Cheap, Mini, Manual transmission, Air Conditioning, Radio-CD & USB, 5 doors, 4 seats.
  • Car Rental Includes: 24% VAT, Third Party Insurance,Theft protection, Glass Insurance. Petrol Fuel: Fair Fuel policy.

Cheap Car Rental in Lefkada | Aktion Airport | PBG Limitless

/ PBG Limitless Category A Car Rental Lefkada and for Aktion Airport (PVK)

With respect for our customers enjoy the unique privilege: The biggest Discount for early booking only, minimum 3 months before your arrival

First of all, are you looking for Car Rental in Lefkada and also for Aktion Airport at Preveza ?. Find here another Low cost prices for Car Rental. You have create this very best choice of rental. Get discounts due to Early Booking Rental by PBG Limitless Car & Scooter Rental Service. Today is more easy than ever to book a car rental.

Every year so many people send us many emails for Cheap Car Rental, and our answer is: We always do a big discount if you reserve early, and for the reason that you do your reservation 3 or 6 months ago, a very big thank you from us is to give even more and probably more than any other rent a car in the area. For the peace of the mind during the rental period! So, Don’t Worry! Put your seat-belts and you are ready to start your trip. Enjoy your holidays!

  • March            35€          -60% 
  • April               35€          -40%
  • May                35€          -30%
  • June               45€           -30%
  •      July                  60€        -22.20€ 
  •      August             65€         -22.10€  
  • September    40€           -30%
  • October         30€           -40%

            The 2019 the 42% of our customers at this category have made a very smart move, they have reserve until 6 months before their arrive, that way has save more than 30%!

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