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  • (B) Economy Rentals

    Smart erbjudanden för 4! | Full försäkring
  • Inkluderar: 24% moms, tredje parts försäkring, stöldskydd, ansvarsförsäkring, 100% Försäkring.
  • 5 Sitsar / 4 Dörrar / 2 små väskor Luftkonditionering / manuell växellåda

Early booking Special Offers (From 4 till 12 months before you arrive): Save 9.80€ it’s day from the rental & also we offer 100% full insurance with 50% discount(-7€) Save 16.80€ every day. Save more with PBG …

Additional Services, Add everything you will need for your rental, -50% online booking & we will arrange it for your!

Car Hire Lefkada with PBG Limitless economy Rentals.

Car Hire Lefkada, Greece. If you needs is it to find a cheap car hire at Lefkada. We will offer you the most economy rates to book early. As a result you would save 40% from our hire service. Now it’s more easy than ever. The best thanks to early booking best hire car in Lefkada. PBG Limitless can offers you even more. 40% discounts, makes us the most cost effective place to hire cars. Once you are trying to find economy cheap find PBG. Book early and obtain discounts. PBG is operate since 2007. 18 Economy carS hire types at the simplest also prices.

What does cost the complete insurance.

First of all, the simplest thanks to take freed from cost the 100% full insurance is by getting PBG cars hire. Because if you’re booking 6 or 7 months before you arrive, you’ll catch on without to pay extra. So, as soon as you book more you’ll save. However the prices are from 9€ till 12€ per day, only in PBG Lefkada you’ll add it but 9€/day and is low as never from 5.49€. Easy you’ll have it with less. another time PBG is that the cheaper place in Preveza Airport, Lefkada and more.

No, you do not need a mastercard you’ll pay as you would like . Cash or debit is 100% sure. There many good benefits you’ll enjoy in PBG. So, the simplest thanks to find an honest , cheap and economy rentals is to reserv with us. an excellent serv 100% better of bests. Less to pay.

Is cheaper if i book 6 months before my rental car in Preveza Airport?.

Yes, you’ll save 40% and more once you booking early. you’ll pay less. Is 100% sure. it’s also 50% cheap. Is 100% the simplest are you able to do. G e t t h e b e s t c h e a p.