Scooter rental Ligia (Lefkada or Preveza Airport)

Whatever you looking for scooter rental Ligia in Lefkada island. Get the best choices with PBG Limitless. The most economy scooter rental in Preveza Aiport & also at Lefkada. We offer new Scooter at the lowest prices on Lefkas. Free delivery to Ligia or Lygia. Our offices in Lefkada is very close to you.

(B) 80cc Economy Scooters

Economy Scooter Rental Preveza Airport - 80cc
  • Rental Scooter Details: 2 Passengers 180kg, 80cc, automatic scooters, Minimum age 24 years old. With your Car Driving License B) or AM you can rent it. The Helmets are Included without extra cost! Security Deposit Requared: 150€ Refundable at the end of the rental.
  • Includes: 24% VAT, Third Party Insurance, Theft protection, Liability insurance, Full insurance. Free of charge Deliveries / Collections
  • Fuel Policy : Full to Full
  • Areas allows to driAreas allows to drive: Lefkada Island, Preveza City not allowed further.
(B) 80cc Economy Sym Symphony | 2 People Automatic | 4 stroke Includes: 2 Helmets Free View