Everything You Need to Know About Preveza Greece

Preveza, Greece. Is a town of 20000 people and is located 6km from Preveza Airport in West Greece. The name Preveza means in Greek passage. However, is one of the most famous towns in Greece. Because the new city comes from the ancient Nicopolis, the town of Victory. Nicopolis has built from Caesar the Roman Empire in 29BC. So, except for the beautiful beaches and the nice hotels, there are many reasons to Stay at Preveza. In the meantime, we will explore Preveza and what is worth seeing around her. Surely is an amazing place that has a lot to offer at its of 500.000 people who have visited Preveza every year.

Preveza Greece
Houses in Preveza Town

How you will go to Preveza Greece – Due to the nearest PVK Aktion Airport

The Preveza has its own Airport. Nearby is the town 6km from the center of the city. Named Aktion Airport. It is an economical way to come. However, the best is to book a flight as early as can be done. Because the prices it is lower and the possibility to find a cheap ticket is more. Also here is a list of all the destinations that come and go to Preveza Airport. Is more easy than ever, to book online a flight to Preveza. Many people are using this way because it is much cheaper. 

The Best Places at Preveza worthing to visit 

Preveza Greece is from the nicest towns. The climate and the weather make Preveza be open all the year. The Optimum destination for yachting. If you need a nice stay for all the year, easy and economy you will find at Preveza Marinas. A Choices of Thousand of People. Nearby is all you will need, like Car Rentals, Super Market, coffees shops. Is from the safety marinas in Greece. So, that is ideal to visit and also for walking. 

  • Visit the old city because with her unique style impressing all the Visitors. Houses with live colors, stone roads, and the warm hospitality of local people. Is everything you need for an enjoyable time and rest. 

  • There are many small stone roads, you will love to walk. From the beginning of the town till then end. The colors of course in a Greek city can not be other, than blue and white. The red and green or yellow came from the years that it was under the Romans. 
Preveza Greece
A traditional place for coffer in Preveza

Where are the Best Beaches for Swimming in Preveza Greece

  • As many people make the most important questions. Where are the nicest beaches of Preveza?. Find the Top 5 of them. One for Its day. Before exploring, make sure that you will need 100% Rent a car in Preveza Airport. Is necessary for moving to those areas. Otherwise, by taxis is much more expensive and the buses, is not a solution special at August. The best is to book a car rental, because not only saving for you money but also saves you time. Finally, who wants to wait at the bus stops. Our PBG Limitless Car Hire Preveza Airport Office.
Preveza Greece
Parga is 65km or 45 minutes driving distance from Preveza

Kanali Beach – Maybe the most beautiful in Preveza Greece

Kanali is a seafront Villa in Preveza, with a magnificent sea to swim in. However, the waves some days of the summer are not very good if you are a family with small kids. The place is organized and not at some parts. It is the biggest beach at 4km

Preveza Greece

A perfect place to stay, if you prefer quiet and privacy. The small hotels are excellent because the hospitality can not compered with the large hotels at Preveza. As in all small things in life, the small hotels are sure warmer for it’s one. 

Where to eat in Preveza – 3 + 1 Of the Best to eat Restaurants 

Preveza Greece
Esperisma Taverna in Preveza

Taverna the Rebetiko in Greek is one of the most friendly atmosphere to eat with your family in the center of the town. Fresh fish or excellent quality of meat. The price is the greatest and the location is easy going. Is perfect for classic Mediterranian food and greek salts such as xoriatiki. Oi Aparadektoi another choice.

And of course the lovely Pita Giros. One of the most famous food, you have to try if you don’t have yet. The passage Steakhouse is a grill house located. Nice, tasty, and with few only euro is an alternative for a quick lunch at Preveza City.

 History of Today Preveza Greece -The City of Victory

If something you “must see” at Preveza Greece. That is the Ancient Nicopolis. The city who build from Ceasar in 29BC and was named the City of Victory. Because build to remain that the Roman empire at the Naval Battle of Aktion wins the Egypt and Cleaoptra army. 

Book your tour with the official museum, and walk, explore, discover the past of the oldest town in Europe.

Schools from all over the world are coming to visit Nicopolis.

Car Rental Preveza Greece – When is the best time to book

The best time to visit Preveza Greece is from middle May till the End of October. Because the summer whether is without rains. That is how you enjoy seeing and history together. Thus, the prices are as lowest as possible. Is perfect if you arrange your car booking one or even 3 months before you arrive. PBG Limitless Offers a great discount for your car rental in Preveza Greece. We are also free to deliver the cars at all around Preveza Hotels. The early booking offer is all included at the prices, So, you will not need to pay something more than the cost of the renting. PBG Car Hire is the only one that offers 100% full insurance without extra cost. However is 30% cheaper than any. Book online Car Rental Preveza Greece.

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