Preveza Aktion Airport PBG Limitless Car Rental in Preveza.

Preveza Aktion Airport PBG Limitless Car Rental in Preveza.

PBG Limitless in National Aktion Airport (PVK) is an airport serving Preveza and Lefkada in Greece. It is also known as Lefkada Airport or as Preveza Airport. The Aktion airport is located 4 km from Preveza, 17 km from Lefkada, and operates since 1968. If you are coming from abroad, you should check for charter flights to Aktion during spring, summer and autumn seasons. In winter there are domestic flights to and from Athens.

Car Hire at Preveza Airport (Aktion)

Located in the region of Epirus. It is easily accessible by car from the rental company PBG Limitless Car Rental Rent a Car, and it is a popular tourist destination. The name Preveza means passage. The port gives the town of Preveza another prestige and in combination with narrow cobblestone streets and the historic center, it looks like an island. For this reason, a cheap rental car will be very useful. If you want tranquility or you love camping, go with the rental car from PBG Limitless Car Rental Car, to the beaches Porto katsiki, which is one of the most beautiful, in Lefkada island! t f

Car Rental Car Hire Preveza Aktion Airport

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