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12 Importantly thing about Preveza Airport Greece

Preveza Airport Prices

The Preveza Airport name is “Aktion“. Is also known as Lefkada Airport. Is the most important airport in the area of W.Greece. Because the airport connects many towns with Europe. Is also from the first ancient cities and was bulleted at 5. BC from the Romain empire. That is a few words from the past of the Preveza. Just for your info, is lots of things you can do, by coming.

Where is the cheapest Car rental in Preveza Airport

The Cheapest Car Rental is PBG Limitless and operating since 2007 at Aktion. 

However, you can have discounts and more good prices. -30% due to early booking offers of PBG Limitless.

When is the best time to reserve a car rental service

First of all, for the best price car rental read some tips. As early as can be done. 2,4 or even more 6 months early can make a big difference. For example, here at the pickup location of PBG Limitless. The policy about the sales is the same with the airlines. We offer you discounts, furthermore good prices and, the cheapest low costs. That is a unique benefit. 99% you will save even more.

  • Don’t leave the booking of car rental for the last moment. It’s 100% sure that you will pay much more.
  • Secondly: Due to early booking, the cost is almost 50% less than any. PBG gives the cheapest car rental prices.
  • Thirdly: Get 100% full insurance and book 2 or 6 months before you arrive. The cancellation is free and without worries.

What car rental types are available at the Preveza Airport

Available car types, you can find Mini cars, like Fiat, Nissan, Toyota, WV. But also Hyundai, Seat and all the European and Asian types.

  • Small cars. for example, Fiat is a good reliable car for rental. is one of the perfect cars to use in Lefkada. Lefkada has small roads at almost the 80% of the driving roads. Is nice to have a car, to park everywhere you go. Find a nice small car and pay much less.
  • Mini. WV UP. The mini car is small the smallest you will find. because are very economical you will saving more fuel than any.
  • Economy. Toyota. The economy car types is cars for 4 people, that easy can take you from one place to another. Remember that the roads to Lefkada, Parga can be driven only with small/mini cars. In the end that’s the cheap car type.
  • Sedan. family shapes as Fiat Tipo sedan. If you are looking car rental for your family, then the best and far less cost is to rent one from PBG family cars. Here is a list of all the car rental types at the Preveza Airport.
  • Minibus for 7 or 9 people. If you need a special Van Rental with lots of seats, find it cheaper in PBG Limitless. We rent 7 seats and 9 seater Vans/Minibus Around the Aktion Airport.


Where I pick up my rental car/scooter

The pickup is always at the parking of the airport. 30m from the arrivals exit. Also, there is an inscription with “PBG Limitless customer services”. In this way, you can directly find us. or you can just call to 00306987147566


How old age must be for car rental without paying extra fees

The ages are covered by our services is from 28 years old driver. Till the maximum of 69 years old. However the cost of the extras can be from 7 to 14€.


Can I pick up from Preveza Airport and return the car in Lefkada or Nidri

Yes, you can return the car at all around areas of our service. In some cases, there are additional costs. For example a very short rental as 3 or 4 days. It will have a small cost.


Car Rental Preveza Airport to Kefallonia due to Nidri Port

The people are also can be driving our cars to Kefallonia. Yes, Due to Nidri port is possible to take the car with you. By the ferry how to transfer cars into Kefallonia. Here is the times from/to Nidri port. Is the nearest way to go.

Find online you car rental in Preveza Airport with PBG Limitless.

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