Preveza Airport to Lefkada | 4 ways for transport

How can i get from Preveza Airport to Lefkada

Preveza Airport to Lefkada. Discover 3 plus one way to get cheap in Lefkada from Preveza Airport, as cheap as never before. PBG Limitless is a cheap car rental service at Preveza Airport Since 2007. Today we will offer you free 3 ways to get on Lefkas. Our way it is the 4 and the best we believe. Because having so many benefits that are hard to find. So, it is 100% the best choices till 4 people family or group of travellers.  

  • Firstly go to Lefkada from Preveza by Bus. 

A busy Airport like Preveza, have also public transportation to every location. And for Lefkas have 4 times every day at Low season and 7 at High. So you can use the buses that usually charge 2.40€ pp are cheap and be sure that always delay because of the high traffic. Over 200000 people travel to the same place as you as well. When you arrive at the bus station, then you will need to use another bus if your hotel is at another location. Another 2.40€ pp for a family of 4 people 20€ is less cost.

Secondly options transfer and thirty taxi

First of all, what are the costs. The cost for a transfer is made always pp and is not less than 18€ per person but in this case, you can use it, if you are 5 or more people. Are buses with 18 seats till 50 seats. That you must book very early, is almost impossible to find available at the last moment. Taxis are not cheap from Preveza Airport to Lefkada capital cost 50€ to 60€. for Nikiana And Agios Nikitas as well the cost is 70€. 80€ to 90€ for Vassiliki and Mikros Gialos. of course the cost is one way, count 2 times come and back.

  • Fourthly and last one choice to get cheap at Lefkada.

Use PBG Limitless car fleet. One-way rental from Preveza Airport, and one-day rental. or one more for the return you can offer you something Less. But, now let’s see what you will pay for these services. 5 Reasons to use with Reaseble price to compare:

1) Preveza Airport to Lefkada for 2 till 4 people to Anyplace. 30€ cost including all.
2) for 5 People at the same conditions 40€.
3) 7 persons total 50€
4) 8 persons 65€
5) 9 till 12 80€. F

Get The best offer FROM Preveza Airport to Lefkada


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