Book with the Cheapest Rent a Car in Lefkada – From €12 Day

Rent a Car in Lefkada, to explore everything can create the nicest memories with your family. Rent with the best and you will not be disappointed. The only can be available 24h in everything you need. No other from the PBG Limitless Rent a Car.

Rent a car in Lefkada

If you would like to Rent a Car in Lefkada, then book with the most reliable and the cheapest. Lefkada is a wonderful greek island for families with Kids. Lefkada meaning in the Greek Language: Is White Rock, because 95% of the mainland is White rock. That is the reason that the most famous beaches as Porto katsiki sea, is a white blue color. The Lefkada is much more enjoyable with a Car Rental because gives you the opportunity to explore all the nicest places. 

However, with early booking offers, your car rental can be much cheaper. The simplest Rent a Car is PBG Limitless. The small family services who became first at the rentals. We offer many for that a just car rental. You can find from the smallest to the most Luxury Cars such as Jeep, SUVs. First of all, is a service with less cost than any. But let’s go at the furthermore reasons why to rent your car with us.

When is the best time to Visit Lefkada ?. Lefkada all the Year

Rent a Car in Lefkada
Vassiliki Taverns

A city so steeped in history and with its natural beauty means there is never a bad time to visit Lefkada. But the people who live know that May is a particularly beautiful time to visit. May is wonderful, the sunny days plus the high temperatures make a lot more attractive whole island. By Car, you can live a great experience. The weather offered great trips around Lefkada’s beautiful beaches.  Plan today your Rent a Car in Lefkada and Get a 30% Discount.

Driving in Lefkada – What you need to know if you rent a car

Driving in Lefkada sometimes can be much different than in our country. The driving conditions in everything includes about Lefkada’s roads are not the best but are OK. That means, Is important to pay always attention when you driving. Specialty if you have small kids with you. 

  • First of all, we drive on the right side of the road. The small worn roads of the island add a charming note. The use of the GPS navigator is not something you can trust at the maximum. Because, since the last earthquake is lots of roads have not been repaired yet. 
  • Roads of Lefkas are locally known that be very slippery, even in dry weather, potholes and parts of the old surface can be dangerous.
  • The speed limit is 50 km/hour, and 80km when you are coming from Preveza Airport. 90 km/h on the highways.
  • Look well out for pedestrians and animals. During the vacations, kids are also passing the roads. So, whatever you do, pay attention dear drivers.
  • The lights are not obligated for use of the day but are good to use, so please use them. 
  • Extra care for the sings roads, doesn’t always give good signs. Sharp turns that may be ahead. You Never pass the speed terms. Refueling your Rent a Car in Lefkada is a simple process and often includes a full service. However, be aware that many fuel stations will require cash payments and most will close by 9 pm so be sure to fill up earlier in the day wherever possible.

Why PBG Limitless Rent a Car in Lefkada is the best place for you

Rent a Car in Lefkada

Because we guarantee 10 reasons that no other car rental in Lefkada can guarantee to you. 

  1. Prices are 30% cheaper than any rent a car in Lefkada
  2. Free delivery and collection for all the hotels and, locations.
  3. No hidden or extra costs.
  4. 24h per day services open for the customers
  5. SOS assistants on the road
  6. In the case of breakdown another car in 24h.
  7. Free km on the area.
  8. 100% full insurance
  9. 0€ excess available with a small cost from 5 to 12€
  10. Reliable and family-friendly customers service.
  • Where we are at Lefkada
  • Phone call center :+30 6987147566 & +30 2645071063
  • For Customers support email us atpbglefkada@yahoo.gr

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*Till to meet you and greet you, be well with health for you and your families.