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When you need a reliable Car Hire Preveza Airport. With Cheap prices & furthermore savings, please do not forget to request PBG Limitless rent cars service. PBG Limitless operate since 2007 till today at Preveza Airport as known as “Lefkada Airport” as well. And according to our customers’ reviews on Google is a 5 Star rental cars service.

car hire services at Preveza Airport
cars rentals services at Aktion Airport

We provide, first of all, cheap service for all the wallets. First of all, Economy & reliable for all the visitors by plane, by bus, by yacht at the marinas around the area. Furthermore, we offer long-term conditions, if you need a long rental from 2 months till year. The prices are the lowest cost in Aktion and are less than 9.90€ per day. We are also the biggest suppliers at 60% of the hotels nearby Lefkada, Preveza.

What we do best than any other. We can quote an all-inclusive rental without extra or hidden fees. Our high professionalism and the average 2.5 years cars fleet, satisfied all the customers. Compering all the rentals companies we have furthermore benefits for the customers and savings 50%. The early booking offers of PBG Limitless has been a very powerful tool, for the people that use to programmatic early the holiday trip every year. For example: Did you know that in the years 2020, 2021 62% of our customers have saved more than 48%. Due to early booking is 100% then you can save lots with us. As a result, the best price for car hire is PBG.

Now, let’s see what is at PVK airport & how you can pay much less.

“Aktion airport PVK” facilities, and services around.

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Rental Lefkas Airport

First of all, when you arrive at the Preveza airport. You will find, inside a “fast food” restaurant with cold pantsuits, coffees, etc. Outside there are taxis services and close a bus stop to Preveza and Lefkada as well. Easy to move if you don’t need a rental service. Also, 2 more places for lunch, and near is a petrol station if you want to fill your car. The local people are always helpful if you would like to ask for information. We strongly recommend at the August & July to reserve at least 1 or 2 months before your transport, otherwise is hard to find service last moment.

Don’t lose time on your vacations. Book early, save money & enjoy the time you have. It’s sure that the time with our family is a blessing, and the holidays are the memories we will have with the family. PBG Limitless is a family rental place and knows well your needs. Our Warrantees is to never disappoint you! We are working hard to improve it every day. As a result, you will have high-value customer support with every you need in the area. More than a service, you will have friendly and efficient help – support our team ready 24h/7 days of the week. Also, we are the only rent a car with his own road assistants on the road 24h every day. All in All at the best car hire without extras.

What are the cars hire prices at Preveza Airport.

The cheapest car hire service of Preveza Airport is PBG Limitless, a small cost 14.90€ per day. That price is a very good price for Preveza Airport. First of all, because it includes all and as a result, you will not pay anything extra. Compering is 59% cheaper than any. Is an offer for April, May, and even June. Just remember, due to early booking the offer is always more economical. Get the lowest price at Preveza and Lefkada as well. The cars for 4 or 5 people cost an average of 24.95€. Family size cars from 38.84€. 9 Seat from 119€ or even cheaper.

Our cheapest prices will surprise you. For that reason the customer using, again and again, PBG Limitless. Top service at the lowest costs. Easy car hire without worries.

What about the insurance conditions, age of the driver, and Piercing?.

No worries, no risks. The only you can feel 100% secure. The only you can pay much less than any. Firstly, feel free with our 100% full insurance, or you Add the 0€ excess, and you are covered for everything.

Why do you pay more in an international rental car agent, specialty when you have the best of the bests service of PBG to use. Get a 30. 40 or 50% Discount reserve early. And don’t worry, if you need to change your trip it’s free you can do it any time. E-mail PBG reservations and we will arrange them for you. Drivers age a minimum of 28 years old with at least 3 years of experience till the maximum of 70 years old.

5 Top suggestions to stay near Preveza Airport

First of all, as the most of the summer visitor is 80% families. We consider all the facts and need a family can use, at the following locations is available, the seawater is not deep, available activities and waters sports.

Lefkada island 3 top locations: Nikiana, Lefkada Town and Nidri. The prices are good and sure not expensive. Tavernas the best food quality. Supermarkets have at least 4 in their area. Hospitals are around 12km from the center of Lefkada. The water is crystal clear you will find organized beaches and not. Nearby all the famous as Porto katsiki, Nidri waterfalls, and 15 driving minutes from the daily cruise ships. The prices for family hotels average from 40€ to 300€ per day (villas).

Preveza City: Near to Preveza port have everything nearby. a Beautiful place to stay, near Nicopolis ancient Greek city.  Read the history of the oldest world cities at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicopolis. It’s amazing! A visit you will remember forever.

Parga: The 7 reasons people love Parga (and you will, too) a lovely place to stay with your family. Read more about Parga the small city you will love.

“Whenever you will visit Preveza Airport remember:

PBG Limitless is a reliable, friendly car hire service that offers more than any. For all the wallets. With cheap hire rates & 100% Full insurance.


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