Lefkada With Kids – A Fun Guide For Traveling Families

Lefkada is a perfect place to visit with your family. The amazing blue-green beaches, the green olives mountains, and historical sights are just a few of the reasons that this Greek island is such a popular destination. If you’re planning a trip to Lefkada with kids, here’s a complete guide to help you make the most of it.

Why is Lefkada with kids a good destination for Families

An ideal destination for families with kids. Many people often wonder if Lefkada is a good destination for family trips. The island offers much of different types of vacations. But serves excellent families vacations. First of all, is perfect to visit for all ages, as well as kids.

lefkada with family

Kids will enjoy, the beautiful beaches and landscapes during the day. They also love to learn about myths of Greek mythology. For example the History of Odysseas. According to the reliable archaeologist Dorpfeld, Lefkada is Ithaca.

You don’t need to worry about safety since Lefkada is a very safe destination. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the safest places in Greece. Of course, you should always keep your eyes open and exercise caution as you would anywhere else, but as far as safety for kids goes – Lefkada is as good as it gets. Authorities are vigilant when monitoring potentially dangerous areas, and tourists are always well taken care of. For a comfortable Car Rental Lefkada, a local car rental company PBG Limitless can offer you good prices plus, excellent service.

Visit the Playgrounds at Lefkada with Kids

The most popular things to do with kids, activities are always is bustling with fun for all ages. Let’s explore all the choices to visit with kids. Read also A 14 day Guide for a round trip of Lefkada Airport. Let’s discover 5 activities kind can stay for all day with fun. 3 parks that kids will love and enjoy much.

Waters Parks is something where your kids have fun. Waters Parks is something where your kids have fun. Many of activities as like, banana, sofa, rings and many others. Panos water park at Ligia Lefkada has easy access by car. Also and the Play Park at Lefkada town.

In the town are also great park play areas like the Playground Xara. A typical reminder of Parent’s activities, sure you will remember lots of things by visiting a standard playground.  A typical reminder of Parent activities, sure you will remember lots of things of your young age. Who has no to play at one of those standard playgrounds. A simple game can be un ultimate pleasure for fun. Take a ball and play also football at Xara Playground.

3 spots to visit with your Kids

The monastery of Panagia Faneromenh

lefkada with kids

A religious place with a beautiful small zoo, that kids will love. parrots, deer, turtles, and much more … that will pique their interest.

Lefkada with kids

The Agias Mavras Castle was built in the year 1204. The castle is opening from Monday to Friday, however, is great to program your visit by calling at +302645026576


Where to stay – The most family friendly sides of Lefkada

Probably the first you have to do is to find a good hotel with family friendly facilities. In conclusion, that booking is more important. Because can make everything, easier and more convenient. For the reason that some of the hotels at Lefkada areas have been built as a family as possible as gets. On the other hand with other made for couples. Surely, is difficult to matches both in one. So, is much better if we explore the reasons why the east side is better for families with kids. And in addition as a couple, you can stay everywhere in Lefkada. Where you should stay (for families)

  • Nikiana sure is one of the best places. For the reasons that are on the center of the island, 11km from the town. The location is accessible with a Nikiana car rental. The sea around is not deep, you will feel much safer. it is not an area with winds, in contrast to the open west side. The prices for 4 or 6 Person apartments average from 65€ to 200€ for a villa with a private pool. The area has great taverns, fast food, and supermarkets. The people are helpful and friendly. Considering that the place is for all the wallets.
  • Nidri is also a good place to stay, but busy as gets. Is the most touristic area.
Photo from the Crystal Waters in Nikiana
Photo from the Crystal Waters in Nikiana

Find an excellent car rental Pick up and drop off directly at Preveza Airport

Book an excellent car rental service with 24h assistance direct from Preveza Airport or Lefkada. What car rental can be more useful for a family?. Surely you are at the correct place! More than any of the cars of PBG Limitless can serve perfect your family rental. PBG Limitless a family business understands better your needs for a relaxing and enjoyable car hire service. Choosing the correct type of car rental at Preveza Airport.

  • First of all, find an economy car rental available at Preveza Airport for 3 or 4 people. Car Like that can carry 2 family suitcases. Is very economical from the fuel, till the A/C use. The insurance is complete, thus you can +Add the 0€ excess. It is furthermore the most economical car rental at Preveza Airport
  • What is car rental more comfortable for a family?. You  find also the best choices of family full size, car rental at Preveza Airport. A full size can be always useful.
  • You are looking for something more special and enjoyable?. Get a Jeep/Suv Rental from Preveza Airport or Lefkada. Many people prefer to rent a jeep. The SUV earning steps VS the regular car rentals. However, all the types will move your family well.
  • You are looking for something more special and enjoyable?. Get a Jeep/Suv Rental from Preveza Airport or Lefkada. Many people prefer to rent a jeep. The SUV earning steps VS the regular car rentals. However, all the types will move your family well.And the last is a Group of families of 7 and 9 people. Rent a minibus of 9 seats direct from Preveza Airport or take a free delivery at your hotel.

*Alternatively trips nearby

A Daily trip to Acheron River – When Fun mixed with the Greek Mythology

Lefkada with kids

The mythical Acheron river is 75km from Preveza Airport. That river according to the greek myths was one of the five rivers of the underworld. The ancient Greek Omiros describes Aherovn as a river of Hadis. The name Acheron comes from the son of the Gods Helios and Dimitra goddess. *The trip is suggested for 14 days’ holidays.

For what does that destination offers? Trekking – Hiking & Rafting – kayak. Surely worth a visit, it will remember it forever.

If you need more contacts for the activities visit https://www.acheron-rafting.gr/

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