Everything you should know Lefkada Greece

What on most popular destination Lefkada

First of all, Lefkada in Greece is an Island that easy you can reach by Plane and easiest by car. Connected due to Preveza Airport to 62 cities around Europe and 6 more country as Israel, Turkey, and also Cyprus. The cheapest way is always to use the Preveza Airport or Lefkada Airport (Aktion PVK). The prices are reasonable and if you book early you can have a bit discount from big Airline as Easy how often comes to Lefkada Airport. Almost every day from April till October. By Car you the flowing bridge, are the first attraction you will see before the entrance at the Lefkada island. Is not less the people how are use the Athens Airport and continues by bus till Lefkada. Here are the Public trans of Lefkada. Lefkada Bus station.

Lefkada in Greece
Lefkada in Greece

You can find everything you will need in the case you would come with the bus from Thessaloniki or Athens. However, the distances are an additional 500km and 480km and the time of the trip by bus is around 5 hours and usually, the buses stop 2 times for half-hour rest and food. It’s a nice idea if you use the buses for Lefkada. Lots’ things you will see. The cost of the tickes for it’s person are around to 40€. (Cheap choice to come over Lefkada in Greece.)

Otherwise, you can use the transfer service that is not expensive because the competition last year going low as never as low in the past. What are the costs; mmm. for 9 seater car/van with a driver included the average price is 500€ and 700€. Now consider VIP transportation. finally maybe is better to use private transportation. Best option for 5 till 8 people.

Where is the cheapest hotels and where

Our suggestions are the following,

  • Firstly, best for couples Agios Nikitas Lefkada in Greece, 20km for the capital, 40km from Porto katsiki and Egremni beaches. Prices (70€ to 140€) July – August.
  • Secondly, Families vacations at Lefkada in Greece. Best to stay are Nikiana family’s favorite place to stay with no many people. Why ?. Nikiana in Greece is 10km from Lefkada and 5km from Nidri. Is a small city of 5000 people but is 7km long. In conclusion for space for all. Prices High Season 40€ to 120€ (4 or 6 people apartments).
  • Thirdly, Nidri as well for your people friends or groups. Nightlife, bars, coffee shops, and more.
  • Fourthly, Lefkada City as well. for Family vacations and couples. Lest years are new-built hotels and studios all of them is with a pool. (Prices for 2 persons are 80€ to 150€). As a result, you can save something only in case you will book direct with hotel owners. As you know the booking via a website like booking com, has a commission of 15%, that hotels are pay. What are believe;. In the end, this cost adding to you.

All about great Greek food at reasonable prices

We suggest:

First of all, Pita giros and souvlaki as the taste you must eat generally in Greece. And now we will tell you where are the most original Locations, and the costs.


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