Lefkada Car Rental

Lefkada Car Rental at the best prices

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Lefkada Car Rental
Photo from the Castle nearby the town.

Explore the town of Lefkada in Greece.

Lefkada, meaning Lefki petra in Greek. is a coastal town lying north of Lefkada island and it is the capital. Nearby are other small cities such as Nikiana, Nidri, and Agios Nikitas on the west side of the town of as known also as Lefkas town. It serves as a hub to 10 or more small villages that make up part of the island. Agios Lefkada is one of best known as a soulful and prominent tourist locations.

Tourist Attractions And Sightseeing Locations

  • Start our walk from the church of Agios Minas. Built in the early 18th century.
  • Walking down the main street, the visitor comes across the characteristic buildings that nowadays house small shops and fancy coffee shops.
  • .Our second stop is the church of the Presentation of Mary (1720 AD) with its traditional Ionian bell tower.
  •  One of Lefkada’s most recent acquisitions is the Lefkada marina. Modern, situated on the east side of the town. Its mooring capacity is for 620 boats. The Castle of Agia Mavra in Lefkada. This magnificent castle was built in the 14th century. In the year 1204, Lefkada was captured by the French. Bestowed as a gift to John who was at that time the Count of Orsini
  • With so much to explore and see in the wonderful town of Lefkada. However, the best way to see everything in this area has. Get the best car rental with PBG Limitless.The Castle of Agia Mavra in Lefkada. 

Car Rental Lefkada

We also guarantee

    • The best Insurance: We cover 100% risk insurance if you are taking the options of 0€ excess at the lowest price.
    • Vehicle Safety:We strictly follow all safety protocols and safety standards for Lefkada car rental.
    • Free to Cancel for reasons of covid: as soon as 48 hours before your arrival.
    • GetFurthermore, the delivery at the Hotels of Lefkada city is without extra cost.
    • Family-Friendly We have great packages to offer for family, couples and so on. Additionally, if you have a baby, we will offer you a vehicle with 1 x free baby seat and other important 
    • Therefore, we communicate everything and ensure that you will not face any extra charges or hidden costs. As long as all of the policies and terms are respected, we will offer you a seamless experience.
  • Car Rental from Lefkada and drop of at Preveza Airport: We can set an on-time pickup to receive you or drop you at the Airport. It is to ensure convenience for you.

Reasons For Lefkada Car Rental With PBG Limitless

Car Rental to Lefkada car with us gives you the freedom to explore the location to your heart’s content. You do not have any time limits, as long as you are making timely payments on the car rentals. More importantly, you do not have to waste time waiting for public transportation anywhere in Lefkada. Often, there are some lesser-known locations that don’t have public transportation stoppages. Thus, a rental car can easily rectify this problem for you. Additionally, you have the comfort of your own car. If required, you can opt for a professional driver with PBG Limitless, who is courteous and excellent.

Benefits of car rental in Lefkada

Lefkada car rental

  • Much more Choices:We offer you an option to have a Lefkada car Rental of your preference. From Cheap-cars and Economy versions to full-sized sedans and jeeps, you can avail everything at your service within a few minutes. If you’re looking for new car hire for rent, we have that as well.
  • We operate all seven days of the week with our robust customer service. Thus, you can give us a call at any time. Whether you need us to be at the airport or some other destination, PBG will Offer flexible solutions with car rental or car hire in Lefkada.


  • Emergency Service: Sometimes, despite premium maintenance, an Lefkada car rental might malfunction or break down. You might have got tired or faced a mishap that makes you incapable of the driver. In either case, you can contact us, and we will provide you an extremely proficient driver. They will assist you and rescue you from your inconvenience, immediately.
  • 24/7 Service: Flexible & Feasible: We offer several convenient payment options for Lefkada car rental, including a credit card. It is our duty to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the rental car hire industry of Lefkada island. Thus, you will also find these integrations in the car. Regardless, the PBG Limitless car rental Lefkada offers budget-friendly services. Alternatively, we can offer consultancy according to your travel plans to offer you the best option.

Customer Service: We take great pride in our expertise and customer-friendly car hire service. Our entire focus is to make sure that you do not suffer any discomfort. Thus, we have placed deliberate attention to simplifying the process of car hire for you.

Get Cheap Car Rental and Pay much Less with PBG

So, if you are looking for a car rental in Lefkada, then PBG might be a great selection. We can pick you from the airport, drop you at your location and offer you a fascinating tour of the famous attractions. So rent a car, today, in Greece. However, the best way to get low-cost rentals is to reserve a car with early booking offers.  For example, our customers last year saved more than 48%. We rent cars at Lefkada and we are free to deliver them to your hotel nearby. Family Friendly, Discounts & even more benefits than any.

Car Rental Location

Location at Lefkada island Google maps directions

PBG Limitless Lefkada

Address: Nikiana 31100

Call Center: 2645 071 063

Email: pbglefkada@yahoo.gr

Hours of Operation: 08.00 till 22.00 every day * A prior booking is required

other location to Lefkada for car rental

Nikiana 10km from Lefkada


Nidri 18km from Lefkada


-Ligia 6km


Agios Nikitas 12km



Cheap Car Rental Lefkada




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