Igoumenitsa car rental

Igoumenitsa car rental – GR IGO Port of Igoumenitsa

Igoumenitsa car rental, How you can rent a cheap Car Rental  ?.

Igoumenitsa Car Rental

The Igoumenitsa port (GR IGO). First of all, is one of the most visited port of Greece, Commercial port but also tourist. With another words, be ready and prepare if you are planning to travel from / to this port. Learn why furthermore, you will need to make a good plane for early booking (Tickets and rental car).

  • First check and booking at least 3 or 5 months you ticket and car, you will be prepare for your trip.
  • Second, Didn’t’ you know ? That you will get a discount for the reason that the early reserve has big discounts.
  • Τthirdly, PBG Limitless  has excellent, great, amazing offers and finally is one of the best. Our Rental Fleet is not more than 3 years old, because we would like to provide the 100% guaranty services for our customers.
  • Fourth, Find due to our online web page <a href=”https://www.pbgrentacar.gr/“> rates, costs for Transfer or Car Rental. In contrast with the other companies we are cheaper.
  • Fifth, you can find all the news here (In).

Were you can find transfer service from Igoumenitsa to Lefkada Island?

How i get Direct to Lefkada island ?.

  • First by Taxi, In the port you will find the taxi that goes to Lefkada. How much it will cost you ?. The cost is around to 140€ and you can travel 2 or 4 persons.
    • Second by Bus, The buses are not often between Igoumenitsa, So How you will go there ?. You will go on Friday or Tuesday morning. And How much it will cost you? around to 18€ per person due to bus station.
    • Thirdly by Car Rental, How much cost the rental ?. Count that the one way rental cost only 70€, Above all think that you will have more freedom and stops, like the castles or Parga.

How i will go to Lefkada from Igoumenitsa ?. By Car Rental ?

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