Everything you need to know about Car Rentals Preveza Airport

“Car Rentals Preveza Airport”

Traveling by car rental is sure more convenient than taking public transport, especially when visiting a foreign country. This is because it comes with the advantage of driving to the locations you want to see and deciding when and how you want to visit them.

Journeys are always best when you have your own time.

Preveza is a very special place that receives many tourists throughout the year. It has important historical landmarks, beautiful beaches with bright blue waters, vibrant cultural cities, and natural landscapes. Drive on its wonderful place around and enjoy it! Much easier and simple by car.

Free free with a car rental

When is the best to book a car rental at Preveza Airport

From our experience, that is based on clients’ opinions. The 62% reserved a car in 2019 before the flood, earns saving from 28% to 48%. For this reason, they booked from 3 till 8 months before they arrive. So, consider now that: It’s serious rental company need to have bookings starting the season. However, are not all of them think the same. For example, the first car rental in Preveza Airport that created discounts for early booking reservations was the PBG Limitless.

Why to book as early as can be done solve you lot’s 99%. First of all, you do not have anything to lose, in addition, you will pay much less. The early booking earns steps every year. Started as a simple idea, and became 48% of our reservations. Amazing is a win-win deal, you can rent a car with a big discount and we have a prior booking. So, we know how many people need to works for us. Finally, we can program better our work.

What if I need to cancel my booking?. 

Don’t worry, you can cancel any time and 48h before you arrive. Without to lose even not a cent. Due to cancellation 48h before my arrival. No stress, no worries.


 What types are available and how to book a cheap car?.

If you want a special type of car, surely you got it! more than 18 car rentals with different sizes, types, will cover even the most demanding customers. But, you can find a further economic solution for transportation like scooters, motorbikes and, the popular ATV with 4 wheels.

Discover what cars are available for car rental at the Preveza Airport. It’s one cover different needs, we analyze the Cheapest VS Best quality. What do the prices include and where are the most economical solutions. Thus, there is also the popular choice of renting scooters. All about rentals costs

Small car rentals Preveza Airport you can book for 12€/d at

  • People call them “Cheap Car Rental because are the cheapest! Enjoy more by taking more time for yourself. Why a cheap car rental at Preveza Airport can be really helpful?. This type can offender from 9€ per day. What is included in the price?. All included there are no extra or hidden fees. Is with FDW insurance, Free km, A/C. Radio. All you need for travel with safety around. Can services every people are looking for just a reliable car to rent. The models are usually 5 to 8 years old


Family Car Sizes from 24.90€ are available with 100% full insurance in Preveza Airport

The first cheap car rental family size you can book with less than 25€ at Preveza Airport

  • The firstly economy Family size car Less than € 25 a day at Preveza Airport is the A1. Book a cheap family size rent a car. Reliable and in great condition. Service you well without the high cost. Statistic last year Pre-booking had, even more, higher every year. Take an economy family size with a 50% low-cost price. Can take you everywhere around.
  • What rates include?. All the insurance you need. Fuel policy: Return it as you have gotten it!. Fair and Simple with A/C. A great family-size car for five. In this category, it will give a good experience if you don’t need something more than a just economy family rental.

The top cars sellers for car rentals Preveza Airport the year 2022

Middle sizes Call them Economy Rentals Cars available

Economy Car Rental Preveza Airport

  • The top seller on car rental choices for the years 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. Furthermore, the rates are from 21 to 34%. Find it cheaper and available for Car Rentals Preveza Airport with PBG Limitless Car Hire. The new year’s model is 3 years old the maximum. An air conditioner is probably the most economical car. People prefer those models because you will be going easier to each place of the Lefkada and Preveza regions. But also is perfect for 4 people. Surely, you will not have problems like that: where to park my car.

Family cars can give you a great experience

  • The best you can have is one from the new models of (H) Toyota or Fiat Tipo?. Hard choice to make.

Fiat Tipo

It will overcome to each one loves to drive family sizes cars. Comfort and pleasure are ready to take you everywhere!

Jeep Car Rentals Preveza Airport – What Jeep are available?

First of all, remember that there is only small availability for Jeep Rentals. People are booking a jeep at least 3 or even more early. Because better to reserve from before. Once the offer is gone, It’s gone. The best types of Jeep at Preveza Airport is the Jeep Renegade, Nissan Quskai, etc. Are the most comfortable choices of Jeep Rentals. New models petrol or Diezel. Discover all the offers for jeep rentals in Preveza Airport online.

However, you can reach all the beaches nearby. Furthermore is the type of car it will serve you well. Is not only the safety, but it’s also completely different from every other type and size. It is more the way that transports you. As a result, 96% of our customers say that it will overcome your expectations. In addition to other options, you will find the Jeep rentals even more. During the rental period, you will love it.

Jeep are available for Car Rental Preveza Airport


What car rental types for 7 or 9 people are available?.

Sometimes all we need is to travel with our family. As usual, the time we have and organize to be together. No other for the holly family vacations. That is one once per year if you are lucky to go. For this reason, that is the best time to share moments with our family, we know better than any. How and what is your need to hire a car/van with 7 or 9 seats. Hire a minibus with 9 seats at Preveza Airport and furthermore…with much less cost. For us it is not just a rental, is many more things. Is our pleasure to offer you a great new economy 7/9 seats Van to carry you everywhere you would like to go.

Why you should car hire Preveza Airport with us?. 5 primary reasons to book

  • First of all, get 100% full insurance without extra cost
  • 30% Discounts included at our prices for families rentals
  • However, with a prior booking, you can pay much less for all of our cars
  • Free deliveries to all the hotels around.
  • New diesel models 1.6 engine as like Fiat Talento. Savings of the fuel 40% or even more

In addition, the 0€ excess is available.

What insurances are Available at Preveza Airport?. Get 100% Full Insurance

What insurance are available at Preveza Airport

Every person in all the world wants to be sure 100%, not just sure. What is my responsibility if during the rental period something goes wrong?. That is a question that in PBG Limitless easy you can understand the answer. Because are crystal clear and also without “small letters”.

Superiority in your insurance coverage. Due to 100% full insurance or with a small additional cost, you can +Add 0€ excess. We are proud that finally, we are the first company who offer 0€ excess responsibility. But first, let’s discover answers that people need to know.

  • Why is free the full insurance of a book a car through PBG Limitless?. Well, we are thinking as a family business, want we would like to have on our rentals. Of course, we ensure our customers that do good services. Otherwise, the service is poor and not customer-friendly. If you want to be the best, is not enough just to say it. We create the most friendly conditions and we treat our customers as guests. Due to respect between people have been created the most amazing things.
  • Just read our terms and conditions and compare them with all the others. you will find big differences.

When the car rental office is open and closing Preveza Airport

The Airport offices are opening every day from 08.00 till 21.30. But even if your flight is delayed you can have our support. No problem, we can be waiting for you. Please remember, is important to send a note, a call, an SMS, e-mail that is easy for you. Usual we check all the flights to PVK Airport. But some of the charters are not at the airport data. So, is the customer’s responsibility to inform us in any case. All the service has a small additional cost if the provided service is out of working hours. That’s in order to cover all the working hours of representatives, people that it will work more if and when you need them.

Where to eat if your flight departure delayed at Preveza Airport

Everybody loves the Greek salad. Well here is some tips.

Where to eat at Preveza Airport

Unfortunately, sometimes, or more specifically 10% of the flights are delayed. The reasons are familiar to all of us, we use the airline’s transportation. So, here is what you can do to be the waiting more enjoyable. First of all, avoid the expensive coffee and food at the airport. There are plenty of great choices with less money to pay. Opposite the airport is 2 tavernas, Paradise and Apollonia. Both restaurants have fresh coffees, and Greek cuisine food. The food you are ordering and is fresh, use always the prices list. The pricelists at its service are good to be used because that is how to avoid misunderstandings. Read about the taverns at Aktion

Where we are – PBG Limitless Car Hire Location 2

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Address 2: Aktion Airport (PVK), Preveza, 30002, GREECE

Phone call center :

+30 6987147566 & +30 2645071063

For Customers support email us at: pbglefkada@yahoo.gr

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