Car Rental Nikiana Lefkada 2023

Car Rental Nikiana Lefkada

Car Rental Nikiana Lefkada. Nikiana is one small town with a 2000 population at Lefkada island, Greece. Distance 10km from Lefkada Capital and 42km from Preveza Airport. Is a great place firstly for family vacations and secondly also for couples. Peaceful place in Greece, to visit and the winter also.

The lovely port has 42 seats for sailing boats, that reach for a few days stop and rest. Over 3000 rooms organized by 250 hotels & studios. Visit and stay because is for all the budgets. Easy you can find rooms at a studio from 30€ per day, Hotels from 50€ and houses for the family at 70€. So, the lower prices at that rental conditions it depends how early can you book your room. Follow one tip (Book direct from the owner and avoid site because get commissions if you would like to save a 20%)

The best 5 choices for food and cafeterias

First: Fast food (Pita giros, Souvlaki) Spiros near to the port at the main road, Original taste with the best quality at Lefkada. 

Second: Tavernas, Breath of Zormpas, Prices, and quality. 

Tirith: Tavern Minas, Excellent for the family at reasonable prices. 

Forth: Coffeterias, Alexandros a traditional places to enjoy a coffee.

Five, Loutrovio coffer at the Porto. 

Car Rental Nikiana Lefkada and Scooter Rental services

In Lefkada are many places for car rental and also for scooters. But, if you are looking for a good company. Who have low-cost rentals to offer you. Pick up your rental with PBG Limitless. Is a family rental bussiness since 2007 with offices at Nikiana. Be sure for one thing, is 30% cheaper than any and it is a great rental place. However if you are wanter with what you can come in Nikiana from Preveza Airport or Igoumenitsa, read this. Find 4 ways and come on.f

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