Daily Trip to Acheron River!

Daily Trip to Acheron river at Ioannina! Car rental from lefkada

Car rental from Lefkada, Spent a day & relax with your family to Acheron River in Ioannina. Easy you can make a daily excursion to Acheron River, the mythical river!. First of all the Acherontas, about 50 kilometers long, is a river in the Epirus region and crosses the prefectures of Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza.

Its first sources are from the snow of Mount Tomaros. in the Prefecture of Ioannina. (maximum altitude 1,986 meters). while its other sources are in the Souli. Mountains and the Paramythia Thesprotia Mountains. Important sources are also those of Vouvopotamos Preveza, near Glyki.

Acherontas flows into the Ionian Sea. in the village of Ammoudia, Preveza, where it forms a delta.
The name of the river Acheron. comes from the word “Sound”, which describes deep sadness, sadness and lamentation.

In antiquity, its name alone was enough to express the idea of ​​Hades and terror. as it was described as the way to the underworld.

According to ancient Greek mythology. The “psychopath” Hermes handed over the souls of the dead to Harontas to end up in the kingdom of Hades. Each soul, passing through the ferry of Haronta. had to give out a coin for transport.

On its way, the river Acheres was crossed. by the rivers Pyrifleghekta and Kokito, in the present village of Mesopotamos. where the ancient Necromanteion of Acheron is located. According to Homer, at that point, “the river of Acheres merged with Kokytos and Pyriflegheton. on the northwestern shore of Lake Aeruria, which was the entrance of the world of souls.”

According to mythology, between the sons of Saturn and the Titans


According to mythology. during the conflict between the sons of Saturn and the Titans. Acheron gave water to the Thirsty Titans. which caused Zeus to anger. For retribution, he sent Acheron as deep as the height of the sky above the earth, bending his waters.

On the west bank of the Acheron River is the historic village of Souli. near the borders of Thesprotia and Preveza. The area, especially in summer. is an attraction for lovers of activities such as rafting on the Acheron River.

It is a lowland village with a population of 238 inhabitants. with a primary school and a post office. In 1971 it had 481 inhabitants. in 1981 it was 469, and in 2001 it had 434 inhabitants.

In the present village, relics of a remarkable settlement have been preserved. presenting continuous life from Hellenistic to Byzantine times. From the surviving remains of an early Christian basilica it is believed that the site was ancient Evia. a bishop’s seat, which is mentioned in Byzantine sources in the 4th century AD. century.

Other researchers identify the ruins with the ancient navel or Kichiro. The newest name of the village. however, is estimated to be related to the nearby “Sweet Port”.

The settlement owed its long life to its strategic position. as it controlled the crossing of the Acheron River here. through which the eastern part of the international Roman road Apollonia – Vourtouro – Nicopolis passed.

The River is one of the most beautiful place to explore. Near to Lefkada & Parga.

Many people visit the mythical river every year by car! We suggest you to do it!



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