Where can I get a cheap car at Preveza Airport

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  1. First of all, the most important thing about rental cars is insurance. What if something goes wrong during the rental and how much is the amount of responsibility for the renter. (Usually, the cost of the “full insurance” is between 700€ and 1200€ for car categories as A, B, C, small or Middle size, or family Rental cars and for to minimize at the minimum of 350€ the extra cost, the cost you will need to pay for to avoid the high amount is from 12€ per day). What does it cost the full insurance at PBG Limitless ?. The full insurance will not cost you anything if you are at least 28 years old and you have a license for 3 years as a minimum. So, in conclusion is 0€ cost. Save 84€ from the weekly rental. “Early booking offers by PBG Limitless“. Car Price Preveza Airport F
  2. Second, What does it cost ?. Our Prices, Our Discounts. 

Car Price Preveza Airport & Costs

Aktion Airport Car Rental
Aktion Airport Car Rental

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