Car Hire in Nidri Lefkas, Find the best car hire price.

Where in Nidri Lefkas you can found best car hire price.

Car Hire in Nidri Lefkas. Whenever you are planning to visit Nidri Lefkas, from Lefkas Airport. You will need a good car hire company. One great hire place, with low cost prices and efficient serv is PBG Limitless. Since 2007, We operate at 6 locations in W. Greece. The Nidri at Lefkas Island is one more place. We are delivery cars directly to our customers. (Hotels, Studios, Villas and many times at Nidri port, usually the cars hire serv also the yachts who stops for supplies. So, before starting again to sail at the Ionian Sea.) PBG is the cheapest car hire and we have succeeded because we can offer, expensive service at the Lowest price. 18 cars types as Jeep, Automatic, 7 and 9 seaters are available, with free delivery at all places in Nidri and general at Lefkas. 

The Nidri as a tourist place starting to exist in 1970, and that because very famous Greek “Aristotle Onassis” has bought the Skorpios Island.

The global press has been in Nidri Lefkas and year after year becomes to a famous place. Now the last years has developed and more people come to see and stay at Lefkada and Nydri. When you walk to the pedestrian of Nidri port, you will see the statue of Aristotle with an inscription on the side who is written ” Men’s make own destiny” I will not write more but you can find the history of the Onassis Family at many documenters. 100% It’s sure that you should visit Nidri Lefkas, even if you stay at another place. Yes, It’s amazing if you see it.

Why I need a car or scooter.

The best way to see and do many things at Lefkas is by cars and scooters as well. It is cheaper than any, and also there are a lot’s places people love to explore. Always are easiest by cars, just to find the perfect deal and you will be 100% covered. 5 Tips to visit around Nidri Lefkas by cars.

  • Firstly: Dimossari Waterfalls is 2km from Nidri and 15km from Lefkas Town. walking a 300m path is amazing.
    Secondly: Visit Nikiana Village if you are a family with small Childers, the beach is not deep and you will love the quiet sea.
    Thirty: Go to Porto the most famous place and beautiful in Lefkas, 48km from Nidri.
    Fourthly: A road trip around Lefkas mountain, see villages as it was 100 years ago and make a photo at the green mountain.
    Fifthly: Lefkas Town by Night, a walking, nice place for good and drinks make nicest your nights at Lefkas.

Nidri beach is famous for it unique character, the sand and blue waters. A long tuft of palm trees cover the beach creating a charming atmosphere for both adults and children. The settlement is well-developed with cafes, bars and plenty of restaurants.

Car Hire in Nidri Lefkas
Photo from the Ferry how connect Nidri Lefkas with Megganisi

Best ways to more around

Lefkada is connected to the mainland with a bridge, so it is easily accessible by car. There are many different ways to get to Nydri beach, from any location on the island.

Hire cars: Τhere’s the option of car hire in Lefkada with as little as 19 euros per day and picks it up directly from your hotel in Nidri. Using a cars hire allows visitors to discover Nydri beach and many other places of interest in Lefkada at their own pace.

By Public : The central bus station of the island is located at Lefkada Town. There are several buses from Town to Nydri during the day. 

Tip: Since buses don’t always stop at every scheduled stop of their itinerary, our advice to visitors is to inform the driver about their final destination, so that he makes a stop there.F


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