Car Hire from Preveza Airport | Tips & Tricks

3 tips and 2 tricks to use car hire from Preveza Airport.

Preveza Airport
Preveza Airport arrivals

Car Hire from Preveza Airport. What you should know about the prices and cost if you want to pick up / car hire from Preveza Airport. First of all, in that small airport how works with one terminal. The companies how hires cars is more than 72, local and interanational. Are also taxes and transfer to Lefkada as Parga or Igoumenitsa as well. What you have to do for the best car hire costs ?. Must know than you can save more than 25%. Let’s discover, 3 tips.

What is the total cost ?. Look at the final cost and you will find it!

Firstly, Explore all the costs at Preveza Airport or as also know “Lefkada Airport”. Pay attention to the total cost (Rental + Full insurance). It’s very important to be everything clear. Usually, the company offers a great low daily rate without insurance and huge excess as 800€ at some case 1500€. Why ?. just try to take customers, But, the charge at some cases almost the double and usual charge is 13€ to 18€ per day.

insurance diagram

Secondly, check the reviews for what a customer can be a disappoint. Some of the comments are right and some it’s wrong. As a result, of the last years, many people how renting cars made Excess insurance. Are reliable ?. Of course not. At least the 90% of the people how had not siriusly accidents, only car damages, have not take back even 1€. You can find thousands of comments also at several sites. So, avoid car rentals without full insurance. Is the best you can do.

Third, It is much simple to rent a car without excess. Because it is clear, crystal clear that from the beginning, no need big security amounts, as 800€ or even more. Give benefits to yourself and, do it as simplest as can be done. Book with the best companies.When you are travel for business or pleasure at a place you not know, why to run have a risk?. 95% of the renters want to be fully insured. how sure can be someone, for the other drivers at the same area. That’s the point, the insurance can never half full.Choose to book with 100% full insurance or Don’t hire cars.

Didht you know at PBG Limitless car hire you earn 30% discount ?.

Find out 2 tricks you should do and get 30% or even more. / You can pay much less.

Early booking VS Last moment
Early booking VS Last moment

PBG Limitless is probably, the only car hire you can have all in one price. That price can be 30% less than any at Preveza Airport. Do it much easy for you, and pay much less at PBG than any car hire service. Cheap and Reliable, Fast and efficient.

First of all, the most important thing (Trick) is to book months before you arrive at Preveza Airport. (Don’t worry you are free to cancel till 72hours before you pick up). Be from the first how made a reservation and you will save even more. Think as the airlines how to give the first tickets lowest than the costs, that can make a big difference at the total cost. But, less see together the costs of a family 9 seat Van.


***You can translate the 30% at this category for example as 60€ less cost per day or 420€ weekly. The average price at PBG is only 124€ for the same 9 seater.

Secondly, Special car hire from Preveza Airport. Like automatic, 7 Seater, 9 Seater, Jeeps, Suvs, or even some small must to use the early booking offers. First for availability and second for the lowest costs.

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